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We have solutions for all your existing or

new office configurations:

Open office (no existing panels)

Office seating with existing partitions (no frame)

Office seating with existing partitions (frame)


Benefits of using our solutions:

Competitive pricing starting from as low as $28*.

Customised to your required dimensions

Various sizes available

Choice of acrylic/glass options

Hassle-free installation (as we will take care of it for you)

Aesthetically pleasing as we adapt to your existing office furniture

Space planning for your new office if you are moving to a new office space.




Create a work environment where your co-workers feel safe and confident whilst engaging in enthusiastic and creative interaction.

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Work spaces with existing low partitions. Instead of changing all your desk partitions to meet with safe height requirements, install our customised solutions to raise work station dividers to a proper height. 


  • Seamless and hassle free installation 

  • Modular designs; detacheable when not required

  • Competitive pricing

  • Aesthetically pleasing as it matches your furniture design

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If your current office was designed with an opened concept, consider Acryllic dividers to give employees a sense of healthy space between co-workers.


  • Low cost of installation

  • Customised to fit your requirements

  • Safer  environment – limit virus spread

  • Able to still see and communicate with your colleagues

  • Fast and flexible